There is always a first time . . .

And today was the first time that I introduced an authentic blog project in my class. In the past, when I’ve assigned a blogging project, my students have worked inside the confines of Moodle, which in my opinion, is not true blogging. A blog should be available to a wide audience outside of the classroom and school. My students produce better work when they know others (besides me) will see the final product. They proved this fact when they wrote editorials and submitted them to local publications. These assignments were the best pieces of writing I have seen all year.

The class’s homework assignment for tonight was to create a WordPress account. They should be posting their material in a few days. I am truly looking forward to it. Here are the rules I would like to follow throughout the course of the project: 14 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogging. I covered safety today, but I plan to speak to this issue a little more as we progress. I’m not sure about step #11. I had intended to grade the blogs. Educators, what have you done in regards to evaluating blogs? Do you grade them? Do you ask peers to evaluate each other’s work? What is your advice? They will be investing a great deal of time in this project, so how do I make sure their work is valued?


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