Inspiration: The Bee’s Sting

I’ve started this blog because I will soon introduce WordPress to my tenth grade class. I am not very familiar with the platform, but my friend and colleague, Randy Ziegenfuss, recommended I use it because of its professional appearance and its feasibility. So here goes!

In regards to my inspiration for the tagline of the blog, I chose the quotation from Emerson because I think it speaks to me as an educator. I consider my profession an art form. Every day I work to hone and craft my skills. I give my lifeblood to my art, and my art is my lifeblood. The title “Becoming Conscious” comes from Adrienne Rich‘s poem “The Phenomenology of Anger.” In it she writes that “Every act of becoming conscious . . . is an unnatural act.” Even though learning may be natural for human beings, change is not. And through change, we become more conscious of the world in which we live. The world is changing rapidly. As teachers, we need to take risks, and through modeling, we then teach our students how to take risks. If we don’t model this behavior for them, we are doing them a disservice.

The project my students will begin in a few days is not much of an original creation since I got the idea from a lesson I saw on NCTE’s website (read·write· called “Examining Transcendentalism through Popular Culture“; however, I did ameliorate the lesson a bit. Instead of having students write an essay and provide examples of how Transcendentalism is still alive and well today, my students will create blogs where they post their examples–videos, comics, songs, art, literature, etc. After they have polished their blog posts, they will solicit the opinions of experts in the field.

I will keep you posted about the progress of the project!


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